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Win994a Simulator
PC99 Emulator Software
V9T9 Runner

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Bromosel's TI-99/4A Downloads
SHIFT838 Newsletter
TI Chips User Group
Mark Wills
Amarillo UG
-Amarillo 99/4A Users Group Tribute Page
Sometimes- Demos Written In Assembly

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-TI99 Database
TI Videos On The Net
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-Emulators, General, Community
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Chicago 2000 Faire
1999 Cleveland M.U.G.
TI Chips - Cleveland
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TI/Geneve BBS Directory
Fidonet BBS Directory
TI-99/4A Bibiliography
TI-99/4A FAQ
TI-99/4A FAQ (II)
Home Computer Page FAQ
BASIC Reference Guide
TI-99 Internet Resource Book
TI-99 Link Database
FTP Sites
Time Line Part 1
Time Line Part 2
Time Line Part 3
Time Line Part 4
Video Cable Directions (Replaces RF Modulator)
Micropendium Magazine
COMP.SYS.TI Newsgroup

Purchase/Repair Equipment
Joystick Pinouts
Cassette Port Pinouts
Video and Power Pinouts
Cartridge Port Pinouts
Card Slot (PE Box) Pinouts
Side (Peripheral) Port Pinouts
TI cartridge list
TI cart rarity list
The Supersketch
The Oscar Databar Reader

TI-99/4A Web Cam
John Phillips Software
Ian's Games- Software
Howard Uman's Games- Software
TI-99 books
Scans from 99'er Magazine
Articles by Frank P. DeCandia
Hen Pecked Cartridge
Equipment Photos
TI-99/4A Screen Shots

The TI-99/2
The TI-99/4
The TI-99/8
The CC40

TI Educational Toys
  Speak & Spell
  Speak & Math

My Cleveland Food Blog

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