TI-99/4A Simulations/Re-creations

I created this page as a place for PC programs that were simulations/re-creations of TI-99/4A programs (hence the HTML file name). However, with the addition of the JavaScript version of the 'Graphics Match' program, this page will now be used for TI simulations/re-creations on any platform. (Note: I'm not real comfortable with the description simulations/re-creations. Have a suggestion? -webmaster@99er.net)

Written by Everett Staley
A cool little JavaScript version of the 'Graphics Match' program that was found on pages III-28 to III-32 of the TI-99/4A User's Reference Guide. Everett has tested it on IE5 and Netscape 4.5, and assumes that it will work with version 4.0 of each.

Thanks Everett!

Play Jackpot!

Character to Hex Code Converter Program
Chris Scoggins wrote this freeware Windows 3.1/95 program. It's a PC version of the 'Character Definition' program which was found on page III-26 of the User's Reference Guide. The purpose of that BASIC program was to allow the user to draw an 8x8 dot image using the keys of the TI, and then convert it in to the hexidecimal code that would be used with the CALL CHAR command to recreate the image as an 8x8 pixel character.

Screenshot of hex converter

Thanks again to Chris Scoggins for his great program!

The program is zipped into a 167KB self-extracting file. Once you download it and click on it, it will create and extract itself into a folder called 'tihex'.

Download ti99hex.exe

Read the text information file

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