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TI-99/4A Internet Resource Book

By Andy Frueh

At the 1997 Lima MUG conference, Andy Frueh and John Bull presented a session called, 'Internet Resources Relating To The 99/4A and Geneve'. As a part of the presentation, Andy complied a booklet and has offered to make it available to anyone who wants it. You can download it here- there are two files, and both are in Microsoft Word 6.0 format.

Here's what Andy had to say about the book in a recent TI listserver post:

The Internet resources book is primarily a guide to "current" internet
resources that contain info, programs, pictures, etc. for the 4A.  Keep
in mind that the 'net is volatile, and the locations and availability of
these resources may change at any moment!

The book also reproduces some interesting articles by Gary Cox and a
lengthy article on how to access the internet via email. You can do many
things via email that normally require an IP stack...a good temporary
solution (maybe) for those with 4A's only, or no internet access.

It's 27 pages or so.  I need at least $2.00 if I'm going to mail it.
I'd MUCH rather send it to you as a file (MS-Word 6.0 format), and
perhaps I'll get someone to post a copy of it on their web site or FTP
site (volunteers???)  If you feel the editing and the few pages that I
wrote myself are worth anything, I won't refuse a donation, but I'm not
really asking for one.  I don't want this book to be considered
shareware or something.

Download ticvr.doc -Booklet Cover, 45KB
Download tinet.doc -Booklet, 288KB

If you would like to use the FREE MS Word viewer to view these files, you can download it at the Microsoft page.

You can reach Andy at: [email protected]

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