Hen Pecked

By Romox

Scans of the Hen Pecked cartridge

As you can see, the screen is looks very similar in setup to the screen of the game Joust. Much like Joust, the goal of the game was to make contact with your opponents (the yellow chickens) when you were above them on the screen. If you were sucessful, the other chicken changed into an egg and you would have several seconds to touch the egg and 'kill' the opponent before he would change back into a chicken again. If you were able to change all of the opponent chickens into eggs and then 'kill' the eggs, you finished off that level. As the levels increased, so did the number of opponent chickens. Movement of your chicken was accomplished with the joystick and you were able to make him 'flap' by repeatedly pressing the joystick button.

This Navarone ad appeared on page 67 of the August 1983 issue of 99'er Home Computer Magazine

Appeared in the 'New Products and Services' section
of the October 1983 issue of 99'er Home Computer Magazine

Download a zipped AVI file of Hen Pecked (938KB)

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