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99'er Home Computer Magazine was published by Emerald Valley Publishing of Eugene, OR.

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May/June 1981
The very first issue of 99'er Magazine.

  • Publisher's Message, An External Keyboard for the TI-99/4, How Extended is Extended Basic, Text-To-Speech On The Home Computer , TMS9900 Machine and Assembly Language, and The Texas Instruments TM 990/189 University Module

    July/August 1981

  • Publisher's Message, Data Communications & The TI-99/4, TI at the May/June 1981 CES, Local Networking With Shared Peripherals, and TMS9900 Machine and Assembly Language Part 2

    Vol.1, No. 5New!

  • Interview with the programmer of Tombstone City, Assembly Language Screen Printing Utility, Brader's Program Tips, TI-99/4A and Learning with Gifted Children, Pocket Typing Trainer, Texas Instruments Advertisments

    Vol. 1, No. 6

  • Livening Up You Call Sound, A Look at the Summer CES and NCC, 3-D Animation with the TMS9918A Video Chip, Dynamic Manipulation of Character Screen Graphics, Learning Assembly Language The Hard Way, A Beginner's Guide To Cassette Operation With A Home Computer, New Products and Services

    February 1983

  • On Screen/Letters To The Editor, Winter CES Show Review, The Voice of Parsec

    November 1983

  • Squeezing the Most Out of TI Basic, Interview with TI Software Operations Manager, Funware Advertisement

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