TI-99/4A Booklist

List Compiled By James Fetzner

21 LISTige Programme für den TI-99/4AW. Breuer & W. Czerny/Markt und Technik Verlag1984German
33 Programs for the TI-99/4AB. Flynn/Compute! Books1984English
36 Texas Instr. TI-99/4A Programs for Home, School, & OfficeL. Turner/ARCsoft Publishers1983English
50 Programmes TI-99/4A Texas InstrumentsJ. Bénard/Editions Radio1983French
99 Special ITexas Instruments Learning Center1984German
99 Special IITexas Instruments Learning Center1984German
101 Programming Tips & Tricks for the TI-99/4A Home ComputerL. Turner/ARCsoft Publishers1983English
A Programmer's Guide to the Best of 99'er, Volume 1Emerald Valley Puublishing1983English
Almost Free Computer Stuff for KidsL. G. Christie & G. Bullard/New American Library1984English
Assemblerkurs II, 1st Edition*Raush & Haub/Hagera1984German
Assemblerkurs II, 2nd EditionRaush & Haub/Hagera1985German
Assemblerkurs II, 3rd EditionRaush & Haub/Hagera1985German
Assemblerkurs III für FortgeschritteneRaush & Haub/Hagera1985German
BASIC Computer Games, Microcomputer EditionD. H. Ahl/Workman Publishing1978English
BASIC Computerspellen voor de TI-99/4AM. Th. A. M. Vijftigschild/Kluwer Technische Boeken B. V.1984Dutch
BASIC Tricks for the TI-99/4AA. Wyatt/Howard W. Sams Inc.1984English
Compute!'s Beginner's Guide to Assembly Lang. on the TI-99/4AP. M. L. Lottrup/Compute! Books1985English
Compute!'s First Book of TI GamesC. Regina, Ed./Compute! Books1983English
Compute!'s Guide to Ext. BASIC Home Apps. on the TI-99/4AC. Flynn/Compute! Books1984English
Compute!'s Guide to TI-99/4A Sound and GraphicsR. J. Herold/Compute! Books1984English
Compute!'s TI Collection ,Volume OneCompute! Books1984English
Compute!'s TI Collection ,Volume TwoCompute! Books1986English
Computer Art & Animation, User's Guide to TI-99/4A Color LogoD. D. Thornburg/Addison Wesley Microcomputer Books1984English
Computer Craziness*S. Manes & P. Somerson/Scholastic Inc.1984English
Computer MonstersS. Manes & P. Somerson/Scholastic Inc.1984English
Computer OlympicsS. Manes & P. Somerson/Scholastic Inc.1984English
Computer Space Adventures*S. Manes & P. Somerson/Scholastic Inc.1984English
Creating Arcade Games on the TI-99/4AS. McEvoy/Compute! Books1984English
DiskinfoC. Winter & R. Meier/Christopher Winter1991German
Easy Programming with the TI-99/4AR. Guenette & J. Vogel/Birkhäuser Boston Inc.1984English
Entertainment Games in TI BASIC and Extended BASICK. Ton & Q. Ton/Howard W. Sams Inc.1983English
Free Software for your TI-99/4AD. Heller & D. Heller/Enrich Books1984English
Fun and Games with your TI-99/4AS. M. Muncy/Hayden Books1984English
Fundamentals of TI-99/4A Assembly LanguageM. S. Morley/TAB Books1984English
Games TIs PlayS. L. Singer & T. E. Bartels/Datamost1983English
Get more from the TI-99/4AG. Marshall/Granada Technical Books1983English
Interface Standard & Design Guide for TI-99/4A PeripheralsT. Lewis/Tony Lewis1989English
Introduction to Assembly Language for the TI Home ComputerR. Molesworth/Steve Davis Publishing1983English
Introduction to Graphics for the TI-99/4AGrillo & Robertson & Zbyszynski/Wm. C. Brown Publishers1984English
Introduction to TI BASICD. Inman, R. Zamora & B. Albrecht/Hayden Books1980English
Kids & the TI-99/4AE. H. Carson/Datamost1982English
La découverte du TI-99/4A F. Lévy & D. Schraen/Editions du P.S.I.1983French
Learning to use the TI-99/4A ComputerK. Townsend/Gower Publishing Company1983English
Learning TI-99/4A Home Comp. Assembly Lang. ProgrammingI. McComic/Wordware Publishing Inc.1984English
Mastering the TI-99P. Brooks/Micro Press1984English
More Basic Computer GamesD. H. Ahl/Workman Publishing1980English
Pratique de l'ordinateur familial Texas Instruments, Niveau 1H. Lilen & M. Bouton/Editions Radio1982French
Pratique de l'ordinateur familial Texas Instruments, Niveau 2B. Bonnell & C. Sapet/Editions Radio1983French
Programme für den TI-99/4A und TI-99/4R. Heigenmoser/Hofacker Publishing1983German
Programmer's Reference Guide to the TI-99/4AC. Regina/Compute! Books1983English
Programming BASIC with the TI Home ComputerH. D. Peckham/Texas Instruments & McGraw Hill1979English
Programs for the TI Home Computer S. Davis/Steve Davis Publishing1983English
Referenzbuch zum TI Extended BASIC Modul für TI-99/4AH. A. Goerke/Hasse Verlag1983German
Smart Programming Guide for Sprites C. G. Miller/Millers Graphics1983English
Speed Walker—Fun to Program your TI-99*H. Budin/Pinnacle Books1984English
Computer Spiele mit TI-99H. Budin/Bastei Lübbe1985German
Spielen, lernen, arbeiten mit dem TI-99/4AK.-J. Schmidt & G.-P. Raabe/SYBEX Verlag GmbH1984German
Stimulating Simulations for the TI-99/4AC. W. Engel/Hayden Books1984English
Tantalizing Games for your TI-99/4A*H. Renko & S. Edwards/Addison Wesley Publishing1983English
Superspiele für Ihren TI-99/4AH. Renko & S. Edwards/Birkhäuser Verlag1984German
Texas Instruments Computer Program Writing Workbook*L. Turner/ARCsoft Publishers1983English
Texas Instruments Home Computer Game Writer's Pack 1PK McBride/Collins Microsoftware1983English
TI-99/4A Spielprogramme selbst erstellen Teil PK McBride/Texas Instruments Deutschland1984German
Texas Instruments Home Computer Game Writer's Pack 2PK McBride/Collins Microsoftware1983English
TI-99/4A Spielprogramme selbst erstellen Teil 2 PK McBride/Texas Instruments Deutschland1984German
Texas Instruments Home Computer Games Programs*L. Turner/ARCsoft Publishers1984English
Texas Instruments Home Computer Graphics ProgramsL. Turner/ARCsoft Publishers1984English
Texas Instruments Home Computer Starter Pack 1PK McBride/Collins Microsoftware1983English
Das TI-99/4A Kochbuch Teil 1PK McBride/Klett Computerbücher1984German
Texas Instruments Home Computer Starter Pack 2PK McBride/Collins Microsoftware1983English
Das TI-99/4A Kochbuch Teil 2PK McBride/Klett Computerbücher1984German
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A ProgrammeCHIP Publikationen1984German
Textverarbeitung mit Programmen fur TI-99/4A and VIC-20A. Tölke & I. Tölke/Friedrich Vieweg & Sohn1984German
The Best of 99'er, Volume Emerald Valley Publishing1983English
The Best of TI-99/4A CartridgesT. Blackadar/Sybex Books1984English
The Best Texas Instruments SoftwareEditors of Consumer Guide/Beekman House1984English
The Hidden Powers of Disk FixerB. Gronos/Navarone Industries1984English
The Last Word on the TI-99/4AL. M. Allen & R. Schreiber/TAB Books1984English
The Texas Instruments LOGO Manuall. Mass, J. Kuffler, M. Rubin & D. Toll/Children's Press1985English
The Texas Instruments BASIC ManualT. M. Kemnitz & L. Mass/Children's Press1985English
The TI-99/4A User's GuideC. A. Casciato & D. J. Horsfall/Howard W. Sams Inc.1983English
The Tool Kit Series TI-99/4A EditionD. Dustheimer & T. Buchholz/Howard W. Sams Inc.1984English
Things to do with your TI-99/4A ComputerJ. Willis, M. Miller & D. L. Johnson/Signet Books (Dilithium)1983English
TI BASIC/Extended BASIC für Anfänger und FortgeschritteneTexas Instruments Learning Center1983German
TI Games for KidsR. P. Ingalls/Compute! Books1984English
TI-99 Tips & TricksK. P. Schwinn/Data Becker Books1983German
TI-99/4(A) Editor Assembler HandbuchWickert & Anders/Wickanderware1983German
TI-99/4A: 51 Fun and Educational Programs G. M. Schechter/Howard W. Sams Inc.1983English
TI-99/4A BASIC ProgramsT. O. Knight & D. LaBatt/Howard W. Sams Inc.1984English
TI-99/4A Calc, a Complete Electronic SpreadsheetG. R. Schmalhofer/Howard W. Sams Inc.1984English
TI-99/4A Farbe, Grafik, Ton, SpieleG. Pahlberg/ IWT Verlag GmbH1983German
TI-99/4A Game ProgramsF. Holtz/TAB Books1983English
TI-99/4A Games, Includes 13 Fun and Educational ProgramsA. L. Wyatt/Howard W. Sams Inc.1984English
TI-99/4A Graphics and SoundsT. O. Knight/Howard W. Sams Inc.1984English
TI-99/4A InternH. Martin/Verlag für Technik und Handwerk GmbH1985German
TI-99/4A InternH. Martin/Verlag für Technik und Handwerk GmbH1985English
TI-99/4A praktische tips * programma's BASICA. Sickler/Kluwer Technische Boeken B. V.1983Dutch
TI-99/4A Trivia DatabaseJ. F. Hunter & G. L. Guntle/Howard W. Sams Inc.1984English
TMS 9900 Assembler auf dem TI-99/4A*S. Koppelmann/Simon Koppelmann1985German
TMS 9900 Assembler auf dem TI-99/4A, 2nd EditionS. Koppelmann/Simon Koppelmann1987German
TMS 9900 Assembler Handbuch für das Mini MemoryR. Bernert/Rainer Bernert1983German
TURBO-PASC'99 Einführung in TURBO-PASC'99WipoSoft1987German
Using & Programming the TI-99/4A Incl. Ready-to-Run ProgramsF. Holtz/TAB Books1983English

* Books whose titles are followed by an asterisk are not in my personal possession, all others are.

This list is incomplete, as I know that I have several other titles not listed above (I just haven't located them in my collection yet), and I am sure that there are others out there as well—anyone with a list of Spanish, Italian, Danish, or other titles would be appreciated, as would notice of other unlisted titles. I did not list magazines which covered the TI (yet), though I do have a pretty complete collection of American, Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, French, German, and Swiss issues.
-James Fetzner

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