Cleaned Up/New TI Manual Uploads

As I noted in a previous post, I’m making an effort to go back and clean up some of the PDF scans here on the site.  I uploaded 3 documents today-the monitor manualthe modulator manual, and the joystick manual.  I first checked the files I already had to see if I could just clean those up.  I was surprised to find that when I downloaded the video monitor manual, it was actually the TI modulator manual.  According to the stats, I’ve had that file there since 2006, and it had been downloaded 925 times. lol  I’m amazed that I had never noticed it, and no one had ever emailed me to point it out.  As it turns out, there hadn’t been a copy of the monitor manual available for download.  So, I started from scratch and scanned copies of the joystick, monitor, and modulator manuals and have uploaded them.

Compact Program Recorder

Compact Program Recorder
Compact Program Recorder

A few months ago, I acquired a small collection of TI99 items.  Most of the stuff was pretty common, but there were a few things that I didn’t already have.  One of those things was this – a Texas Instruments Compact Program Recorder.  I’d never seen one before- the model number on the back is CPR-001.  I posted about it in the forum (more pics there) in the hopes that someone might know about it.  I had already scanned and uploaded the manual (you can get it here), and Ksarul noticed that it says that it is for a CC40 Plus.  He speculates that it was intended to replace the Wafertape drives since there were so many problems with them.

I have plugged the recorder in and verified that it runs, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet to see if it will work with a TI or CC40.  I’m moving soon, so everything is in storage now.  As a side note- I’d mentioned before that I already had a lot of the other stuff that I picked up when I got this recorder.  Once I get settled again in a few months, I’m going to dig that stuff out and offer it to whoever wants it just for the cost of the shipping.  I’ll post it in the ‘for sale‘ section of the forum.

Also-thanks to Ksarul for his insights!

Website Issues

ti_mug Mug

Over the last month, there have been a few problems, but I think I’ve finally gotten it all straightened out.  Chris Schneider’s site is being hosted here now, and the software we wanted to use to send out his email newsletter wasn’t working.  So, my hosting provider suggested that they move me to a new server to fix the problem.  That caused a few new problems – the worst of which were new errors on Ninerpedia.  I also lost everything that I had updated since December.  But, Michael Zapf got Ninerpedia up and running again, and I think that I’ve gotten just about everything else back to where it was.  Oh, and the newsletter software for SHIFT838 is working, so that’s good.  Sorry for any inconvenience, and  thanks to Michael Zapf for all of the work on Ninerpedia.