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Selling my TI99/4a collection
I have quite a bit of TI99/4a items in my collection that I've had for probably 10+ years, but have found that I haven't used them in a long time and with a baby on the way, need to make room for the next adventure. It is all in storage, so I'm working from memory here. I know I have at least 8 or more consoles, beige & black, a PEB, a brown TI monitor & a brown Commodore monitor that I always used with the TIs because it had a larger screen. I also have a ton of various cartridges, some disks, a beige TI cassette tape recorder, a beige replacement keyboard and much more. I am in Michigan. I'd prefer not to sell things piece by piece, as I see that process being quite cumbersome, but may be willing to break it into a few lots. If anybody is interested, I am willing to get everything out of storage and make a through inventory. Please just let me know. I have really enjoyed my years as a collector and I have an appreciation for the TI and would love to see this stuff go to someobdy who would enjoy it.

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