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2048K Games Cartridges (and cartridge boards for other homebrew cartridges)
I have several new cartridges available for the 99/4A (these require 32K memory expansion to work). I have a Games multicart with over 120 TI games on it, each selectable from the TI menu screen (it is 8 pages long, you advance from page to page using the space bar to find the selection you want). These are $35 each, shipped to a US address.

I also have 512K cartridge boards available for $16 each, shipped to a US address. There are seven different EPROM images available for these (programmed EPROMs can be obtained through the Hummingbird EPROM service, listed on the Arcadeshopper website under TI), five Games compilations, one utilities, and one educational. The games in the first four of the 512K games images are also in the 2048K Games compilation. Note that these boards are supplied as an assembled board without an EPROM or cartridge case to allow users to build their own cartridges.

Lastly, I have 128K cartridge boards (assembled and without the EPROM, as noted above), in the style of the 64K boards done by Jon Guidry a few years ago. These boards are usable with a plethora of cartridge images available through Hummingbird EPROMs. These boards are also $16 each, shipped to a US address.
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