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Texas TI -99/4A Full or part Computer Package for sale
Available:- (also see Facebook Marketplace for full details and suggested prices, which will be posted shortly)

Please email me if you are interested in all or any individual item.

TI-99/4A Home Computer (Cartridge reader non functional)
AC/DC Adapter
Joy Sticks 
TV Pal encoder
TI Extended Basic Programming Language Cartridge and Manual with leads
Beginner's Basic Tutor cassette

Boxed Games:- 
Mission Impossible Game cassette
Adventure Command Game Cartridge with additional Cassette based game,(part tape twisted)
Number Magic Game Cartridge
Blasto Game Cartridge
The Attack Cartridge
TI-Invaders Cartridge
Hang Man Cartridge
Video Chess Cartridge
Early Learning Fun Cartridge
Connect Four Cartridge
MunchMan Cartridge
Addition and Subtraction 1 Cartridge

Books and Magazines
Get More from The TI99/4A Book Garry Marshall
Programming Basic with the TI Home Computing Book Herbert D Peckham
Learning to use the TI994/A Computer by Kevin Townsend
TI-99/4A Favorite Programs Explained by Donald C Kreutner
The Texas Program Book  by Vince Apps
Tantalising Games for Your TI99/4A Book by Hal Renko/Sam Edwards
Texas TI-99/4AUser's Reference Guide with Addendum for UK Market
99'er Magazine Jan 1983
99'er Magazine June 1983
Home Computing Weekly Magazine Nov 8-14 1983
Games Computing Magazine August 1984

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