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PEB Wanted - Lancaster, PA
Hello Gerry and thanks for the response.

Apologies, but I swore I updated this thread a few months after the ksarul post.
Initially I had picked up a nanoPEB. Great purchase and works really well, but it didn't hold the same in nostalgia for me.
Later I got lucky on a But It Now on eBay: A good condition fully stocked PEB including a p-code card for ~$200 shipped.
This with a FinalGROM cart has made for an awesome setup.

Again thanks much for the response.
Seeing that these are getting harder to find with time, you'll likely get a number of hits on this site for anything remotely reasonable in price.


(11-25-2016, 02:52 AM)Gerry-   Ya know, I\ve been looking for a home for all my old TI stuff.A few times a year the wife and I trek down to the Lancaster area from Scranton and stay in a B&B.If you are interested, I could sort of grab all that my son does not want, one was his first computer and he may want some of the carts. But I have three expansion boxes, (PEBs), several drives, a acoustic modem, a TI monitor, (needs repair,) and a console or two. Countless disks, probably now all worthless. I may even have a TI data recorder somewhere around here. I just looked, I also have another larger compatible monitor as well. Well, make an off the wall offer and if it ain Wrote: Hello All,
I've been reliving my childhood and would love to get a hold of a PEB.
I still have the console and speech synth, but my PEB got lost at some point - probably during a move.

I know they are out there, but they rarely seem to show up on eBay.
Or when they do they look like they've been through a war, or are missing any/ all of the Drive, Disk Controller, RAM, and Flex Cable Card.

I'm in Lancaster but would be willing to travel to surrounding areas.
Or would definitely pay shipping if someone is willing to box one up.


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