Details : Tex*In Treasures us
Tex*In Treasures

Large selection of new TI-99/4, TI-99/4A and CC40 hardware and software. | Details
Details : 4Jays Video Games us
4Jays Video Games

Small selection of TI hardware and software. | Details
Details : Arcade Shopper us
Arcade Shopper

Selling original hardware and software for the TI-99/4A. | Details
Details : [Code|Hack|Create] us

The F18A is a 100% hardware and pin compatible replacement for a TMS9918A VDP (video display processor). | Details
Details : High Tech Solutions us
High Tech Solutions

Texas Instruments TI-74 and TI-95 Accessories | Details
Details : F18A Video Board
F18A Video Board

An FPGA replacement for the TI-99/4A TMS9918A VDP chip.

For more information:
Creating the F18A – An FPGA-based... | Details
Details : IEC us

Cables for Earlier Home Computers & Video Games including TI (Texas Instruments) Cables | Details
Details : Lotharek`s HXC Floppy Emulator us
Lotharek`s HXC Floppy Emulator

Makes/sells several floppy drive emulators. The devices allow you to use an SD card with your TI. Disk images are... | Details
Details : Miniature 3D Printed TI-99/4a us
Miniature 3D Printed TI-99/4a

A miniature TI-99/4A printed on a 3D printer from Rabbit Engineering. If you have a 3D printer, you can download the... | Details
Details : Lotharek's HXC Floppy Emulator pl
Lotharek's HXC Floppy Emulator

A floppy drive emulator that works with the TI-99/4A and allows you to save disk images on SD cards. | Details
Details : Oasis Pensive Abacutors us
Oasis Pensive Abacutors

O.P.A. has been making TI-99/4A software and hardware for 30 years. | Details
Details : Console5 us

Console5 provides unique repair and upgrade products for the do-it-yourself vintage game console owner, including... | Details
Details : Device Side Data - FC5025 us
Device Side Data - FC5025

Makes the FC5025 - a USB 5.25" floppy controller that works with TI-99 floppy disks. In other words, you use this... | Details
Details : TI99 Items on Zazzle us
TI99 Items on Zazzle

Shirts, buttons and a few other items by Jchildre with Alpiner and Hunt The Wumpus designs. | Details
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