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TI Collection available in St. Louis - sjt99 - 02-06-2017

All of this TI 99/4a collection is available in St. Louis. Missouri
The owner would prefer that it be kept together as a lot.
So, the likely new owner will have to be local to him.

Contact Info.

michael .d .st .louis atgmail.com  (remove the spaces and change at to @)
Or email me.

Hardware:    Quantity:    Notes:

Cartridge Expander    1    
Cassette Drive Cable for Dual Drives (Black)    3    
Cassette Drive Cable for Single Drives (Beige)    2    
Cassette Drive Cable for Single Drives (Black)    3    
Commodore 1702 Color Monitor    1    
TI Color Monitor    1    
Console (Beige) in Box, with Power Supply & RF Modulator    1    Not included in other counts for Console, Power Supplies or RF Modulators
Console (Beige)     5    1 missing 3 keys, 1 with black keyboard
Console (Black)     8    1 missing chrome trim, 1 with loose chrome trim
Joysticks aftermarket    4    
WACO aftermarket joystick adaptor    1    
TI joysticks    3    
Monitor/VGA Cables    2    
Peripheral Expansion Box Includes Flex Cable, TI 32k Card, Corcomp RS232-C card, TI Disk Controller card & Floppy Drive
Power Supplies    12    
Replacement Keyboard (Beige)    3
Replacement Internal Power Supply    1
RF Modulator    9
Speech Synthesizer    3
JC Penney Tape Recorder    1
TI Tape Recorder (Beige)    1


Title:    Format:    Quantity:
Alien Addition    Cartridge    1
Addition and Subtraction 2    Cartridge    1
Alligator Mix    Cartridge    1
A-Maze-Ing    Cartridge    2
The Attack    Cartridge    1
Beginning Grammar    Cartridge    2
Blasto    Cartridge    1
Buck Rogers    Cartridge    1
Car Wars    Cartridge    2
Centipede    Cartridge    2
Chisholm Trail    Cartridge    1
Defender    Cartridge    1
Disk Manager 2    Cartridge    2
Early Learning Fun    Cartridge    1
Early Reading    Cartridge    1
Editor/Assembler NEW IN BOX    Cartridge with Manual    1
Hangman    Cartridge    1
Home Financial Decisions    Cartridge    2
Hopper NEW IN BOX    Cartridge    1
Household Budget Management    Cartridge    3
Hustle    Cartridge    1
Laws of Arithmetic    Cartridge    1
Measurement Formulas    Cartridge    1
Microsoft Multiplan    Cartridge with Manual    2
Mini Memory    Cartridge    1
Multiplication 1    Cartridge    1
Munch Man    Cartridge    2
Music Maker    Cartridge    2
Number Magic    Cartridge    2
Parsec    Cartridge    3
Personal Record Keeping    Cartridge    1
Physical Fitness    Cartridge    1
Pole Position    Cartridge    1
Protector    Cartridge    1
Scholastic Spelling - Level 3    Cartridge    1
Scholastic Spelling - Level 5    Cartridge    1
Securities Analysis    Cartridge    1
Teach yourself Extended Basic     Cassette    1
Terminal Emulator II in Box    Cartridge with Manual    1
Terminal Emulator II     Cartridge    3
TI Extended Basic     Cartridge    2
TI Invaders    Cartridge    1
TI-Writer Word Processor New & Sealed    Cartridge with Manual    1
TI-Writer Word Processor    Cartridge with Manual    1
Touch Typing Tutor    Cartridge    2
Video Graphs    Cartridge    1

Description:    Quantity:
Beginner's Basic Book    2
Programmer's Reference Guide to the TI-99/4a    1
TI Extended Basic Manual    1
User's Reference Guide    2