Details : TI Tech Pages us
TI Tech Pages

Thierry Nouspikel's site with an extensive collection of technical information about the TI-99.

www.nouspikel.com | Details
Details : Cheapo TI-99/4A GROM Reader us
Cheapo TI-99/4A GROM Reader

This is a simplistic device to read the contents of GROM only (one sided PCB) Command Modules for the TI-99/4A using...

mc.pp.se | Details
Details : Home Page of Dan O'Quinn Long Time TI Nut us
Home Page of Dan O'Quinn Long Time TI Nut

A good source of technical and hardware information.

web.lowcountry.com | Details
Details : Michael's TI and Geneve Corner us
Michael's TI and Geneve Corner

Take a look at my collection of software and documents for the TI-99/4A and the Geneve 9640. These pages are the home...

www.mizapf.de | Details
Details : Why is my TI-99/4A in Black and White? us
Why is my TI-99/4A in Black and White?

Article on Pagetable.com about replacing a crystal on a 99/4A motherboard in order to restore color to the video.

www.pagetable.com | Details
Details : CF7+ and nanoPEB Webpage us
CF7+ and nanoPEB Webpage

nanoPEB and CF7+ were designed to bring the full experience of the TI-99/4a home computer into the 21st century and...

webpages.charter.net | Details
Details : F18A Video Board
F18A Video Board

An FPGA replacement for the TI-99/4A TMS9918A VDP chip.

For more information:
Creating the F18A – An FPGA-based...

codehackcreate.com | Details
Details : Stuart's TI-99/4A Computer gb
Stuart's TI-99/4A Computer

Stuart's TI-99/4A hardware and software projects.

www.avjd51.dsl.pipex.com | Details
Details : The Destroyer's TI99/4A Page - SID Sound Card us
The Destroyer's TI99/4A Page - SID Sound Card

Sells the SID Master 99 which is a sound card for the PEB.

www.dsapsc.com | Details
Details : Lotharek`s HXC Floppy Emulator us
Lotharek`s HXC Floppy Emulator

Makes/sells several floppy drive emulators. The devices allow you to use an SD card with your TI. Disk images are...

www.lotharek.pl | Details
Details : Device Side Data - FC5025 us
Device Side Data - FC5025

Makes the FC5025 - a USB 5.25" floppy controller that works with TI-99 floppy disks. In other words, you use this...

www.deviceside.com | Details
Details : FlashROM 99 us
FlashROM 99

The TI 99/4A Flash ROM Cartridge, or FlashROM 99 for short, is a cartridge for the TI 99/4A home computer that allows...

github.com | Details
Details : Field Mouse Projects us
Field Mouse Projects

Retro computer hardware projects with a focus on the TI-99/4A. Projects include building a FlashROM 99 and making a...

fieldmouseprojects.wordpress.com | Details
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